TaskAware keeps track of your tasks, their locations and you. When you are on the go or focusing on other things, TaskAware is there to ensure you don’t drive past that dry cleaners or forget to pickup the milk. Add a task, assign a location, and specify a notification radius and TaskAware will be there to remind you – before its too late!


TaskAware Free

TaskAware Free has been submitted for review to the App Store. TaskAware Free will be a full-featured version of TaskAware supported by iAds.


  • Clean and simple design lets you quickly sort and group your tasks by due date, location, category, priority and more  
  • Task List live-updates to show the distance you are from your tasks 
  • Address book integration to make adding new locations fast and simple  
  • Low power consumption, with brand new Multitasking location services in iOS 4.0 TaskAware can track your location without ever turning on the GPS!  
  • Full support for High-Definition Retina displays found on the new iPhone 4.  
  • Color coded categories allow you to quickly identify tasks  
  • An overview map that shows you today’s tasks so you can easily visualize where you need to be to get things done  
  • Task notes

TaskAware 1.0.2 Approved

TaskAware 1.0.2 was approved by Apple. Quick....to the App Store! We'll still be here when you get back.

1.0.2 Features

  • Task list now indicates distance to task in real-time -- metric and imperial units supported
  • Address Book integration -- quickly add a contact's address as a location
  • Task notes -- great for grocery lists
  • Map view notification radius coded by category colour
  • Touch and hold to drop pins

Help spread the word, leave a review of Task Aware on the App Store. Our three favourite reviews will receive a promo code for a friend or family member to get their own copy of Task Aware, free of charge*. You must submit your reviews to both the App Store and to our support page here (use the subject: "Review Contest") to to be eligible. Please include the country of the App Store of your review. 

*Hint: Including a story of a time Task Aware was there for you always makes us feel good!

Do you have a great feature idea that you want to see in the next version of TaskAware? We want to hear it, reach us at task-aware.com/support.


TaskAware On Sale

To celebrate the launch of the iPhone 4 here in Canada (and the long weekend), Task Aware will be on sale until August 3rd. Check out your local App Stores for region specific pricing ($2.99 in USD/CAN, regularly $4.99)

Task Aware 1.0.2 should be approved this weekend so its the perfect time to get your friends and families iPhone's Task Aware.