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TaskAware 1.0.2 Approved

TaskAware 1.0.2 was approved by Apple. Quick....to the App Store! We'll still be here when you get back.

1.0.2 Features

  • Task list now indicates distance to task in real-time -- metric and imperial units supported
  • Address Book integration -- quickly add a contact's address as a location
  • Task notes -- great for grocery lists
  • Map view notification radius coded by category colour
  • Touch and hold to drop pins

Help spread the word, leave a review of Task Aware on the App Store. Our three favourite reviews will receive a promo code for a friend or family member to get their own copy of Task Aware, free of charge*. You must submit your reviews to both the App Store and to our support page here (use the subject: "Review Contest") to to be eligible. Please include the country of the App Store of your review. 

*Hint: Including a story of a time Task Aware was there for you always makes us feel good!

Do you have a great feature idea that you want to see in the next version of TaskAware? We want to hear it, reach us at task-aware.com/support.

Reader Comments (1)

I update to 1.0.2 last night and it's looking goog.

Butt I noticed it's no longer showing on the apps store, unless I am just being blonde.

August 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMark

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