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TaskAware 1.0.1 Approved and 1.0.2 Sneak Peek

TaskAware 1.0.1 was approved by Apple this evening, you'll find the update in your respective App Stores.

1.0.1 Features 

  • Draggable pins support (you can now fine tune your location pins)
  • New notification radius option: Travelling by foot? -- Smaller notification radius for locations travelled while walking
  • New icons in the Map view (pictures are worth a thousand words)
  • Tasks which are overdue and are grouped by due date now fall under tasks for 'Today'

Development continuities to move forward, here is a sneak peek at 1.0.2.

Upcoming 1.0.2 Features 

  • Address Book integration. If you have addresses already stored for your contacts you can now quickly add them to TaskAware
  • Separate controls for displaying current location and dropping a pin. Adding locations will be even easier, you quickly bring up your current location or pan and zoom on the map; drop a pin and save the location
  • Other improvements, stay tuned for details

We have received some great ideas this week that will surely make their way into future updates. It's great to engage with users that want to help make TaskAware better. If you have a feature suggestion please contact us at task-aware.com/support -- we're listening.


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